Demands from the members

Demands from the members:

  • Import part of their activities are focused for automotive and automotive suppliers industry
  • Already certified quality standards, possibly ISO 900X, wished certification for automotive standards or intention to reach them
  • Reference as supplier to European vehicle producer, important system supplier and domestic system or other supplier in automotive industry
  • Well technically equipped and technological and development capabilities of processes and products
  • Over than average economics results in their sub sector in productivity, percentage of export and added value on employee

Annual fees for the members:

  • 3,500 Euros for large size companies over 100 mio sales
  • 2,500 Euros for large size companies from 50 up to 100 mio sales
  • 2,500 Euros for large size companies up to 50 mio sales
  • 1,200 Euros for middle size companies
  • 500 Euros for small size companies, scientific and R&D institutions, other support organizations and persons

Members should pay singleness entrance fee when they entered in ACS.