Project: Aero sail for commercial sector

03. 06. 2019 | Award-winning innovations

"At Mides design we got a solution for 55% of all the World current commercial vessels (92.000 was in total registered in 2016*), they developed an automatic and folding sail rig, called Aero sail or Sail construction. The system in is phase of successfull testes, while also 8m high prototype rig was build from carbon. It can be easy installed on current ships (and all sail yachts) which is very important.!, says Erik Šifrer, author and project manager at Mides design. 

Aero sail saves a enormous amount of expensive and toxic heavy fuel and consequently significantly reduces the carbon foot print in next 50 years for a whole planet! For example in numbers: 300m tanker ship saves as much as up to 60% of oil on windy routs in one direction North Europa – China, which can amount to up as 2 million euros! Aero sail or Sail construction is also in patent pending process and it has 8 model protections by Mides design d.o.o.

Aero sail sistem advantages:
- saving of enormous amount of expensive and toxic fuel;
- applicable on almost all existing ships;
- significantly reduces carbon foot print;
- fully automatic, synchronized and easy to navigate;
- completely self-folding system level with the deck;
- does not need special deck fittings or complicated and heavy inner hull structure;
- does not take up the inner space of the vessel at all;
- it is stable;
- technology is simple and the weight of the structure is light and for low price;
- efficiency and good maneuvering in all conditions;
- easy to service and maintain;
- nice visual appearnce of the rig;


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