Within 6 priority areas of the Smart Specialization Strategy of Slovenia workshops also a successful workshop on polymers

04. 11. 2015 | News

GIZ ACS, Automotive Cluster of Slovenia within the framework of Smart Specialization Strategy carried out 6 successful workshops in priority areas. Among them was conducted a workshop on the topic of non-metallic materials for the automotive industry (polymers, composites)


GIZ ACS Automotive Cluster of Slovenia since its conception coordinates the activities of its members in the context of Smart Specialization Strategy of Slovenia. For this purpose, there were conducted six workshops on priority areas. Among them it was conducted a very successful workshop on the topic of non-metallic materials for automotive industry (polymers, composites).

The workshop attended representatives of 12 companies and scientific institutions. Their discussion ran with the support of the guiding points:
1. The needs of enterprises
2. Life span
3. Value chain

To participants was also presented the project POLY4EMI - Polymers for Emerging Industries. The project is aimed for creating regional clusters to support new business solutions in the field of wood-plastic materials. Within the framework of this project will be presented the call for cross-sectoral projects in the field of biopolymers. Learn more at:






 Additional information: GIZ ACS, Dunja Podlesnik, +386 1 236 17 35, dunja.podlesnik@acs-giz.si 



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