Aspects of electromobility

Aspects of electromobility

19. 12. 2018 | News

The FUTURE MOBILITY exhibition of surplus goods from the Slovenian automotive and mobility industry, held at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia has closed. The exhibition was concluded with an advisory panel to discuss the many and various Aspects of Electromobility. The expert advisory panel comprised Dr. Gereon Meyer – VDI/VDE- IT, Dr. Tomaž Katrašnik – Faculty of Mechanical Engineering University of Ljubljana, Friderik Knez – Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute, Dr. Dan Podjed – Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, and Tadej Žaucer – Ministry of Infrastructure.

The event opened with a welcoming address given by the executive director of the Chamber of Commerce, Mitja Gorenšček, who said he was pleased with the first in a series of international exhibitions, visited by 22,000 people over two months, and that ambitious preparations are underway for further “Future” exhibitions held at the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Tanja Mohorič, Director of the Strategic Development Innovation Partnership in mobility, drove a number of myths about electromobility of the advisory panel, telling that Electromobility can be implemented… All technological issues have already been resolved, the technology is here… Diesel engines are being driven out of town centers… Smart grids will solve all the problems of providing electricity… All vehicles will be electric by 2030… An electric car is a green car…
A very lively debate followed and raised many issues related to the defossilization of mobility in Slovenia. Among the topics discussed were infrastructure, the willingness of the market and users, and the ever-important issues of finance.

Gereon Meyer of VDI/VDE-IT explained current trends in the transition to e-mobility in Germany and the EU. He told of the circumstances in 2011 which lead to the adoption of strategies and ambitious planning for the number of e-vehicles in use on German and EU roads by 2020. He noted that the transition will be gradual and must place the user at the center of future mobility solutions.

Prof. Tomaž Katrašnik from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering presented an account of the defossilization of mobility in Slovenia and of Slovenia’s carbon footprint within the EU. Despite a negligible contribution to EU greenhouse gas emissions, Slovenia, in his view, must take active steps along the path to defossilization of mobility. The latter must be carried out thoughtfully, rationally and strategically in cooperation with industry and science.

Tadej Žaucer from the Ministry of Infrastructure presented a comparison of car use in Ljubljana between 2003 and 2013, and touched upon the impact of mobility on the design of urban environments.

Dr. Dan Podjed from the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts emphasized that people may rely too heavily on technology and that the role of technology is to support human beings, not vice versa.

Dr. Friderik Knez from the Civil Engineering Institute spoke of the connection between buildings and mobility. He asked what the future of architecture might be and how to design and construct buildings that meet the needs of residents.  

The event also witnessed the ceremonial signing of a cooperative agreement between the Hungarian Association of Component Suppliers MAJOSZ, the Austrian Automotive Association ACStyria and the GIZ ACS Slovenian Automotive Cluster, coordinator SRIP ACS+.

The FUTURE MOBILITY exhibition of surplus goods from the Slovenian automotive and mobility industry has come to a close. The next one is in preparation. The “Future” sculpture which was presented at the ceremony by Ariana Grobelnik and handed over by the Director of SRIP ACS+ Tanja Mohorič has been returned to the Chamber of Commerce. The sculpture immediately passed into the hands of the representative of the Strategic Development and Innovation Partnership for Smart Buildings and Homes with a Wood Chain SRIP PSiDL, who in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce is preparing content for the upcoming “Future” exhibition.


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