Slovenian suppliers will be presented to the Russian AvtoVAZ

25. 04. 2014 | News

Ljubljana, 1st April 2014 - After a highly acclaimed and successfully executed presentations of Slovenian suppliers at the innovation centers of BMW Group, ŠKODA Auto and FIAT Group, Automotive Cluster of Slovenia and the public agency SPIRIT Slovenija, continue with such a common practice. Another "Slovenian automotive supplier’s days" will be held on the 24th and 25th April 2014 in AvtoVAZ (Togliatti, the Samara Region, Russian Federation), an integral part of the Renault-Nissan.

The program of the event is divided into two parts. During the first day the exhibition of components, tools and equipment of Slovenian suppliers will take place, at the scientific and technological center of AvtoVAZ. During the morning the developers and purchasing managers of AvtoVAZ and GM- AvtoVAZ are invited, while during the afternoon, the Russian suppliers and vehicle manufacturers from the neighboring regions are invited.

The second day, a visit of an assembly line in AvtoVAZ will be organized for Slovenian participants. Afterwards will follow a meeting with the Mayor of the Municipality of Tolyatti as well as the visit of the Technology Park “Zhigulevsk Valley", where a presentation of the engineering center for the automotive industry and specific industrial zones in Tolyatti will be given.

The company AvtoVAZ is the largest car manufacturer in Russia and Eastern Europe and the largest company in the Samara region of the Russian Federation. It employs 66,000 people, this year the management took over Mr. Bo Andersson. The company produces on two production locations in Togliatti and Izhevsk, a modern research and development center. Until now they produced more than 27 million cars, their market share is 20 % of the Russian car market. They are currently producing five families of passenger cars of the brand LADA (Grant, LARGUS, Kalina, Priora and Lada 4x4). Every minute one vehicle is leaving the assembly line. The company has seven main parts production, which spreads over six hectares and four million square feet of production and warehouse areas and include: foundry, press shop, drives, chassis and main assembly, plastic parts, test production and maintenance. The company has approved a development program for 2020 and is an equal part of the Renault-Nissan Alliance. AvtoVAZ is already becoming a company which will produce 1.5 million cars brands LADA, Renault and Nissan. They are also planning to manufacture nine new models of LADA vehicles on common platforms and 40% market share LADA vehicles, Renault and Nissan in the Russian market.

Companies from Slovenia and the Samara region have become important partners in international projects and in situations when we are still struggling with the economic crisis, are gaining in importance. The improvement of economic cooperation between the two countries has helped cooperation in the field of automotive supply industry, for which the doors were for many years successfully opened by the Automotive Cluster of Slovenia (ACS). ACS is also carrying out a project under UNIDO (Facilitating entry into the global supply chain for manufacturing companies in the automotive supply chain Samara region). In addition to setting up the cluster and the transfer of knowledge and technologies, an important achievement of this project, is the establishment of direct links and technical support between the Slovenian and Russian suppliers and partners in the automotive industry. ACS is a good example of cooperation with the Russian Federation. Operation on the Russian market takes place on two levels. First of all strategic, when the project through the development of a network of companies and development institutions through a Slovenian partnership with UNIDO - provides the long-term presence of Slovenian automotive industry in the Russian market, as well as on the operational level, where we support the Slovenian supplier's system and small and medium-sized companies in entering the Russian market. The results are very encouraging, since 2009 the trade in goods amounted to 24 million euros, with the participation of only 10 companies in 2012, the 23 companies generated more than 75 million euros in exports and an additional 40 million euros in the consolidated balance sheets of joint ventures.


Additional Information: GIZ ACS, Dunja Podlesnik, T: +386 (01) 2361 735, E:

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Slovenian Automotive Cluster (ACS), the Business Interest Association of Slovenian automotive supply industry, is strongly investing in the growth and development of its members for over ten years. In the previous period we, on the basis of our own knowledge and intensive investment in technology and development, grown from a small group of unrelated businesses and institutions closely linked network of development partners, to most major global automobile manufacturers. Today, ACS links 64 companies and knowledge institutions with more than 20 thousand employees. Companies generate more than 3.3 billion euros, of which over 80 percent is of exports. Together with the only OEM - REVOZ in Slovenia, this represents about 21 percent of the total Slovenian exports and 10 percent of the GDP.


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